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As always, Dmitry Kharatyan was young, energetic and very attractive to women. And this day more women than men have come to the bard club "Alma mater" on Taganka. On the one hand, this can be explained by the phrase of the visitor of the club, who sang with the artist the song on the stage of the club. "The husband has other interests," she said. But most likely, the point was that Kharatyan even in 50 could still have the image of a sex symbol both in life and in films. However, many people could give Kharatyan only 35 years old.
The seriousness and personal integrity could be found only in the song repertoire of the artist. This day, he performed songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Yuri Vizbor, commenting on them in his usual manner, exciting and emotionally. And in between songs he told about himself:
- The name of the bard club “Alma mater” is a symbolic name. My formation, the first kiss, the first teacher, the first visit to "Mosfilm" is the Alma mater, and the first film "Joke" is also Alma mater. There was a lovely girl, who rested with me in the camp. She attends castings in different studios of the country. She did not become an actress, but has become a significant woman in my life. One of the songs of the film “Joke” composed by A. Flyarsky had a ritual significance, because once a year pupils of all schools started to sing it. This song is a farewell to childhood and school – "When we leave the school grounds..."
And the audience was absorbed in sounds of well-known tune.
Some people, who were in the club, had learned that the song of Vysotsky “She was in Paris” was not devoted to Marina Vlady, but was devoted to the actress Larisa Luzhina.
At school Dmitry did not even think about acting career, he just played the guitar. He headed the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Argonauts" in the pioneer camp "Meteor" which was situated near Moscow and where the schoolboy rested. And Dmitry has got to the cinema with this guitar.
The director Vladimir Menshov had chosen Kharatyan among thousands of candidates for the leading role of the romantic boy with a guitar Igor Grushko. Dmitry Kharatyan obtained the all-Union fame.
Dmitry was invited to play Sergey in a melodrama directed by Anatoly Vasilyev, "Photos on the wall". His future profession has been fated. But after he had finished the school he tried to enter the drama school, but failed on exams. Then he decided to go to the geological prospecting party and next year he was adopted in Drama School named after Schepkin in the studio of Mikhail Ivanovich Tsarev.
There he had met his first wife Marina. In January 1984 they have born a daughter, Alexandra. But their family life had failed and they divorced.
When he had become quite well-known actor, he was drafted. He could try not to serve on the army, but as he said, that was for the conscience`s sake. A draft Commission has already been going to send him to the missile troops, but then a Lieutenant recognized him as a popular actor. He contributed to the distribution of Dmitry to Moscow, the fire Department 5103. He had to try humiliation, fights and guardroom. But the service on the army helped him in his life, particularly in the shooting of the film “Reefers, Go!”(Gardemariny, vpered!)
In this film the role of Alesha Korsak Yuri Moroz had to play, but he refused because he had written his degree work. Dmitry was invited to the shooting location, as the shooting had been already in full swing, he was not trialed. Director Svetlana Druzhinina just gave him the lyrics and asked to sing. As soon as Kharatyan sang: “Spring without leaves, as life without love,” she said, “That is he!”
The film had come out in 1987 and immediately “the Reefers” had been named the "Russian Musketeers". Fascinating plot, beautiful songs and handsome intrepid heroes - all this echoed the famous film about d`Artagnan. After this film Dmitry Kharatyan became a movie star.
And his performance in the best bard club of Moscow “Alma mater” (by the way, is he on Taganskaya square, 12) was not accidental. During the interlude, we talked to Dmitry.
- You are not a bard. Why do you sing in the bard club?
- No, I am not a bard; I am just a performer, although the original songs are closed to me in its spirit and content. The fact is that, when I was 17 I tested for the role in film “The photo on the wall”. It was about the events of 50`s, retro. I was offered to perform a song of Okudzhava “Old coat.” That was just beginning. I became interested in art songs. For me and for all Okudzhava was a founder of the author`s song. I sing different songs, I have a wide repertoire, and sing popular songs, rock, and others.
- Which song of bards do you perform?
- Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky, Vizbor, Mityaev, I love him.
- Is life good?
- Life isn`t over yet, I hope. But maybe it is good..
- And what is lacking?
- Although I have enough for life. But nevertheless I wish all my relatives and friends to be alive and healthy, I would like to see the world, places where I hadn`t been, I would like to play new roles, to sing songs.
I think it is necessary to live and feel not only the joy of life but also its fullness.
- And the children what they would like to be?
- I would like them to be honest and decent people. They would choose the professional way by themselves. I can give them a good education and enough wealthy life. But sometimes the wealth effects not always positively on the human development. People should overcome the difficulties, and it could be the reason of the human growth. I would like to wish the children a well-fed and provided life.
- What do you think about modern films and modern bard songs?
- I know bad a modern bard song. Know Ivashchenko “Iwashi”, Mishukov. I think Oleg Mityayev is one of the brightest representatives of author`s song. I regard to the modern cinema as to any work of art. The main criterion is a talent. What is talented to me is modern, what is talentless is outdated.
- What is your the most favorite film?
- Perhaps, the main for me is “Joke”. Everything has started from the shooting of this film. That was something like the first love. Then there were many others but that was the first and main. Every year some new films have been appeared. Some of them are bright and some of them are not. There are a lot of interesting films to watch as domestic as foreign ones.
- Do you like to perform in the bard club?
- I like to play even if there is only one viewer. As Shchepkin said, “There are no small roles, there are small actors.” So I try to correspond to this definition. And also I like the saying: “The theatre is a temple for the actor. Play with solemnity or go away!” Each time when I am playing on stage I do it with the great solemnity.
- What would you like to wish to thousands of subscribers of the oldest Khimki`s newspaper? It is 66 years. Our subscribers are from 4 to 90 years old.
- I`m alarmed by the situation with the Khimki forest. While reading the publications in Newspapers, I have known that the Khimki`s government and people could not find the common understanding. I’m worry about the environmental problems. I support everything that is reasonable, especially the environment. In principle, I understand and support those people who protect our environment. And for the Khimki`s people I wish be happy, successful and be always good.