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In the beginning of October we have met with a famous actress Ludmila Gurchenko at the bard club “Alma mater”. Taking into account that this year she should be 75, we did not expect to find a youthful woman who not only has sung, but also danced with all the young men (and there were a lot of young men that day) on the stage of the bard club. Then she sat down at our table and announced:

- Call me just Lucy.

My neighbor at the table told me:
- I was her dubbing actress in one of the films 50 years ago. However, you are still young, and you cannot remember this movie.
Sadness of youth and previous films were heard in the words of the actress from the stage of “Alma Mater”, but at the same time, optimism and humor were sparkled:
- What a pity that I will never play a Little Vera for you anymore, but as for Inter-aunty Vera I will play for you.
With these words Ludmila Gurchenko sang a song of Young Moritz and Sergey Nikitin, «When we were young».
There was a legend that after the film «The carnival night» a senior official of the USSR state had fallen in love with Gurchenko and began to insist upon reciprocity. But she rejected all courting of the official. They said that in revenge for the pride Gurchenko was “removed” from the movie for many years, she did not act I films. The legend did not correspond to reality, as one could easily verify, acquainted with the rich filmography of actress: from more than half a century her film career made up only twelve years when she did not act in films (mostly during the second half of the 90s and 2000s). The most productive has become 1976 and 1978 (6 films), 1973 - (5 films), 1972, 1990, 2000 and 2005 years (4 films).
Emergence of this legend explains the confusion of L. Gurchenko and H. Kirienko, with whom this story has really occurred.
That day Ludmila Markovna sang songs of the war years, Russian bards songs, Russian romances at the “Alma Mater”.
The actress played on stage during two hours with a ten-minute break. With ease, typical only for the girls she sang and danced.
- Somebody writes that I fall to pieces and even feel run down! Is it really so? - She wondered.
In this regard we remembered. At the shooting of the musical film "Mama" clown Oleg Popov broke accidentally Gurchenko`s leg. She had simple fracture with displacement. That is why she was in danger of disablement.
Many years of training and special physical exercises helped her to recover. And the actress was able again to dance and walk on high heels.
- Ludmila Markovna, do you conceive a desire to retire and relax?
- No, I can`t. The skill is lost instantly, memory becomes worse, coordination becomes not the same and plasticity is decreased. It is important to continue the work to be fit. Otherwise it is impossible.
In conclusion, Ludmila Markovna amazed the audience by the excellent stretching, showing the vertical splits behind the scenes; thanked all your admirers, wished to dream, to fall in love and to be loved. Then she started signing.
For 20 minutes, during the autograph session, her environs were engaged in loading the machine with flowers and gifts of actress.
A special wish to our readers: to be always young, at least in the soul. Will we try to?