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In September, Tver region will gather professionals river tourism 


4-6 September 2014 with the informational and organizational support of the Federal Agency for Tourism in the hotel complex «Radisson Zavidovo" Konakovsky Tver region will host the Second International Forum Tver river tourism. The purpose of the Forum - cooperation with all stakeholders to find effective solutions to improve the competitiveness of Russian regions in the international market recreation and river tourism. "I am confident that the Forum will be the beginning of a new stage in the development of the waterways of Russia, - said the governor of the Tver region Andrey Shevelev, speaking at the first Forum in September 2013. - Development of water tourism is today - an urgent need not only to individual regions, but also the whole of Russia. Only the clever use of water potential will bring to river tourism to a new level and offer a unique product in demand not only in our country but also abroad, "- said the head of the region. The business program of the Forum will be held round tables and panel discussions on topics such as growth points and market prospects river tourism, technology creation and promotion of competitive tourism products, MICE tourism in the river routes, infrastructure development of river tourism. Will also discuss the topic of investment and finance industry, presentations of the largest investment projects, unique technologies and practices in the field of infrastructure yacht and cruise tourism. In the second day of the event is traditionally held festival Zavidovo Weekend. Visitors will see demonstrations of professionals in windsurfing, kite surfing and wakeboarding. Everyone can take part in competitions on climbing wall, trampoline, ride a boat and go sailing. Venue of the meeting was not chosen by chance, «Radisson Zavidovo", which opened its doors to visitors in June 2014, is located on the picturesque banks of the River Doybitsa, a tributary of the Volga River, in one of the cleanest parts of the Tver region, where there is everything for a perfect holiday in nature, and for the organization of business events. The Forum will be attended by representatives of the federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation in charge of the development of river tourism sphere, heads of Russian and foreign companies, tour operators, travel agents, cruise and shipbuilding companies, professional associations, industry associations river tourism, potential and existing investors, professionals and amateurs yacht and cruise tourism and active recreation. 



The first international forum Tver river tourism was held in September 2013. For two days at the Forum had over 600 people, including representatives of companies such as Vodohod, Lukoil, Infoflot, Rechflot Association of Tour Operators of Russia and others. The Forum was signed several strategic agreements, contributing to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of tourism, the tourism industry, to ensure the protection of cultural heritage and the development of joint inter-regional routes and projects. The second day of the Forum Zavidovo Weekend entertainment lovers gathered on the water. Visitors can fly over water and land, and ride on terrain vehicle quad bike, play golf and conduct test drives of the latest novelties car market. Partners of the Forum were: The "Zavidovo», «Grand Marine Group», GlavUpDK "Zavidovo" at the Russian Foreign Ministry, "Tver Marina."