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20.11.2013 - The classics of Russian rock music are going to play at the anniversary of the «Rhythm and Blues Caf»é


14.11.2013 - What can help the happiness to come?

13.11.2013 - «Crisis should be served with horse-radish»

12.11.2013 - $1.5 million for the Penthouse


08.11.2013 - The «Penthouse», which lives on the roof

03.11.2013 - Warranty lifetime!

02.11.2013 - A good song will always find the grateful listeners!

01.11.2013 - Legendary native band of Stas Namin «Flowers» has told about the new release of a double live album


17.10.2013 - «Lyubasha will be fine!»


15.10.2013 - The recital of Andrei Kovalev in the club «Alma Mater» (RUSONG TV)


23.09.2013 - Andrey Kovalev increases the birth rate in the country


15.08.2013 - The birthday of the magazine «Banzai»


16.07.2013 - System of cafés and food delivery «Pakholkoff» offered the famous French actor and the newly-made Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu to become the person of the café «Pakholkoff»


12.10.2011 - The President of Russia and rock musicians in the «Rhythm and Blues Café»


10.10.2011 - Monster in the c...: For the purity of the Russian language


15.10.2010 - There is a monster in the c...: I take out of the broad pants...


12.10.2010 - Rock Stars told the President about their urgent problems


01.09.2010 - OPENING BLUE trolleybuses

07.04.2010 - Moscow Group «Restorator» has invested $1.5 million in the construction of the five-stored café «Penthouse» in Nizhny Novgorod


10.10.2009 - «Grouse's Nest»/


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