Share holding:

“Gagarin group” guarantees a creation of conception, an opening of a restaurant, cafe or a club from its project up to endow as a result.

Investment partner finances the project.

Share holding is discussed individually.

And as a result, it is a high-value, stable, competitive and sustainable enterprise.


“Gagarin group” creates the conception and opens the «turn-key» restaurant, club or cafe, according to the preference of the customer, which is owned by the customer.

Conception, strategy, design, projection, approval, technology, maintenance, equipment, menu, personnel, optimization, automation, starting, setting up, opening, promotion, yield, quality, accounting… if you put in charge of all these or other questions to open the restaurant to us, you will save from 5 to 20% at each stage.
Be sure, you will get quality project and save several months of this precious time.

“Gagarin group” guarantees: 
  • the exact observance of the previously approved estimate;
  • the exact observance of the previously approved date (from 2 months);
  • observance of all norms of the higher echelon;
  • to become profitable in the approved time;
  • the highest level of standards of the quality of service;
  • lack of hidden costs, optimization and cost savings.

“Gagarin group” runs a restaurant, cafe, and club «turn-key» in the interests of its owner, striving for the guaranteed income.

The variants of Express contract and standard contract are possible! As for Express contract we have in view setting of all processes within 6 months and transfer of project to the customer.

Running your project, “Gagarin group” is interested in an early outlet on the maximum financial activities. We are the only restaurant Management Company in Moscow, which fee directly depends on the net profits of your business.