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After 15 years of existence the legendary musicians met again to celebrate anniversary of the famous cult-club cafe of Moscow “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” 20 November. On the red carpet, which was spread specially for the celebration in Starovagankovskoe lane, the legendary performers had walked along: Stas Namin – band «Flowers», Evgeny Margulis – «Time Machine», Gia Dzagnidze, Alexander Sikorski, Konstantin Nikolsky, Grigory Ordzhonikidze, Denis Mazhukov, Dmitry Maloletov, Dmitry Chetvergov, Levan Lomidze with band “Blues Cousins”, composer Vladimir Matetsky, actress Elena Kondulainen. Most of them, as well as talented representatives of a new generation of musicians had performed at the anniversary concert, which sometimes converted to improvisation.

The concert opened with the composition “Yesterday” in the interpretation of guitarist Dmitry Maloletov, the owner of the unique playing technique on the guitar called “double tiered independent tapping”. A. Sikorski in a manly manner of Joe Cocker had sung brilliantly two unforgettable rock hits: Hold on I coming and Blues Suede Shoes. In 1997, when there were no any rock clubs and restaurants in Moscow, Stas Namin decided to come his dream into reality and made the first music club with rock-n-roll design and live music in Moscow. As far back as 1989 he invited the world known “Hard Rock Cafe” to his Centre in the park named after Gorky and organized the working of this cafe during the international festival of rock music in Luzhniki. But he decided to create his own brand; he devised an original name, logo and design. Thus was born the project of the Moscow club - the “Rhythm and Blues Cafe”, which in few years gained an international reputation and became one of the most famous in Moscow.

Starting the reconstruction of a two-storey mansion in Starovagankovskoe lane behind the Library named after Lenin, he invited his friends - musicians Andrey Makarevich, with whom they started rock-and-roll in the 60`s, and Valery Meladze, who`d just started his career, but soon became the best of Russian pop-music. In May in 1998 they opened officially the first musical club-restaurant “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” in the country. At the opening of the “Rhythm and Blues Cafe”, there were of course the band «Flowers» and «the Time Machine», Aleksandr Gradskiy, Boris Grebenschikov, Konstantin Nikolsky, Vladimir Matetsky, Alexey Kozlov and many other musicians of the 60`s and 70`s. Special guests of the club were Eric Robin Bell - guitarist of one of the most famous bands – “Thin Lizzy” and the bass-guitarist of the legendary band The Jimi Hendrix Experience and English musician Noel Redding.
This cafe has become a unique and even the only in the world: professional artists of the art Studio of the Center of Stas Namin - Yuri Balashov, Shura Kholodenko and Asya Nikolaeva - coated facade of a building with a huge mural. There were painted more than forty Russian and world stars of rock music. Many of them were the Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr, Brian May, Status Quo, Depeche Mode, Chick Corea, Jean-Luc Ponty, Rick Wakeman. When they had visited the “Rhythm and Blues Cafe”, they left their autographs on the facade of the club. For the last 15 years the pictures with no less unique autographs had decorated the interior of the club, whose point of interest became a bar on the second floor, made inside the old pink limousine (Tarantino by himself gave Namin this idea), and also the tree of the development of the national rock music adorned the wall of the first floor with pictures of all existing and country-rock bands.
Such was in the “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” took place the official opening of the music channel MTV in Russia, after-party of the first festival “Maxidrome” and other important musical events. Here hosted an informal meeting of Dmitry Medvedev with Russian rock musicians, such as Andrey Makarevich, Alexey Kortnev, Vladimir Shakhrin, Vadim Samoilov and many others. A unique place with a unique specific aura “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” - this is two storeys of live music, countless musical festivals, a symbiosis of different musical directions. The facade of the building was covered with a huge unique fresco painting of portraits of more than forty Russian and world stars of rock music with autographs left by some of them personally. The producer Fedor Bondarchuk rendered the walls of this legendary club in the video of Valery Meladze for the song “ ”. The shooting of the video took place 2002 in the cozy Moscow court in Starovagankovskoe lane, where has been the “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” located.
Today the cult club with international reputation “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” - is one of the few places in the city, where you can listen to a very high quality live music, eat tasty and spend a great time in the democratic atmosphere of the spirit of the 70`s in the heart of the city. The “Rhythm and Blues Cafe” is located just behind the Library named after Lenin in Starovagankovskoe lane, where you can call in on the way of Znamenka (the last left turn). Its cuisine can be European, Mexican, and American.