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The musicians of the cult Russian rock band «Moral code» will appear on stage of the Moscow club «Alma Mater» tomorrow, January 22. Organizers promise that the performance of the musicians will be held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, as these musicians can do.
Group «Moral code» was formed by the musician, songwriter and producer Paul Zhagunov in 1989. Musicians of this band played music which combines: pop-rock music, punk, jazz, and elements of funk. But texts of their songs were always as witty as philosophical, that was definitely their zest. In addition, the voice of the vocalist Sergey Mazaev, added a certain charm and charisma in the song, was difficult to confuse with any other performer.
On the stage of the «Alma Mater», the band promised to play with its full complement. At present the «Moral code» consists of: Sergey Mazaev (vocalist), Nikolay Devlet-Kildeev (guitar), Alexander Solich (bass), Konstantin Smirnov (keyboards), Yuri Kistenev (drummer).
They realized five Studio albums, over 10 videos and most of them were directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk.