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"Natives" - a personal project of Gagarin group. 60 people go for three days on the coast, where no one will disturb them. There they will spend three days of life almost primitive natives. No one knows who you are in real life, how much you earn and what you do - you are Aboriginal. You live for three days in a tribe, which has its own laws, customs, and daily routine of the Godhead. You'll have to fight for their home, cook a meal on the fire, to compete with the tribesmen and have fun to the fullest! Ice beer, shower, colorful illumination, super-disco on a wild beach and also has a lot of surprises in the program! Super-prize of 300,000 rubles each season! Disconnect from life for three days and experience the incredible adventure! And we still have not told anything about what is happening on the project Natives! Write to us and join!