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These are four students from educational institutions of the organization of public catering of the Pomorye.
The representatives of the Arkhangelsk College of waterways named after Oreshkov, Arkhangelsk Polytechnic School, the Arkhangelsk financial-industrial College and Kotlas technical school of trade and public catering are going to attend the Olympics.
144 students will discharge the most diverse professional activities at the Olympic sites in Sochi. For example, to work as cook assistants, cashiers, and waiters. Along with these disciples their five teachers will go to the Olympics, who will take care of them.
The contract with the educational institutions of Arkhangelsk region had been signed by the Moscow group of companies «Fusion Management». 800 people should be recruited by this company for the Olympics. First of all they chose the students of colleges and universities, which are known to be more organized and easily trained.
All candidates were carefully selected. The main requirements were not only intimate knowledge of English language, but also discipline and neatness.
The students had a teleirradiation in various areas, connected with the history of the Olympic Games and the peculiarities of work during the Olympics. All participants passed the medical examination and received the package of necessary vaccinations. Travel, residence and food will provide by the receiving party. According to the plan, the northerners would be working in Sochi during three months.